I am a fashion stylist, personal shopper, costume creator and editor.

Currently working as a Freelance-Stylist in High-Fashion and commericals, trying to concentrate on eco- and sustainable ways to order and provide. #thereisnoplanetb 

Worked with ZEITCampus Magazine, Harper's Bazaar Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, Indie-/Materialmagazine, Vogue Italia, Cake Mag and others.

In my opinion fashion is an art form.

It is also one of the most poetic ways to express yourself,

show your inner personality to the world or hide it if you feel like.

My work is the fusion between art and fashion. 

In this fusion everything is possible.

Trying to never forget to be friendly, kind and always reminding myself, that there are bigger problems in the world than who wears what kind of shoes this season...

For collaborations do not hesitade to contact me: van.danisch@gmail.com // in: van.danish

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